Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The adult chess scene will soon be revived with the advent of the QCD SG Chess League. This was the brainchild of Mark Liew, triggered by the success of the Singapore Chess Meetup each Wednesday initiated by Bradley Loh. He came up with the idea of forming a regular chess league on Friday evenings to have longer games played amongst the working adults and youths right after NS. The QCD Chess League was in planning since June last year and it was in December that the SCF managed to secure the sponsorship for the event.

Venue for hosting the League was a challenge. Several proposals were sought, even the YMCA which was the original premises of the Singapore Chess Club. However owing to costs, we went to Cairnhill CC which was the PA Centre of Excellence for Chess. Thanks to their help, the Chess League has the final green light and we are scheduled to start April 7.

Though the $2000 first prize is modest by today's standards, it is a milestone in Singapore's Chess history as the revival of adult team chess-playing since the days of the Business Houses league back in the late 70s-early 80s which saw corporate teams from the banks (UOB, Tat Lee eg) and industries like SIA and even the hospitals taking part.

Registration for the League is still OPEN. Please check for details at the SCF Website.


  1. The business league in the 70s/80s you mentioned sounded very interesting. What can we could do to revive that and have companies set up and send their chess teams to compete in such a league?

  2. The seventies and eighties are the bricks and mortar period as compared to today’s ICT era. The assessment framework and image positioning for staff involvement in external activities had changed considerably. Within the staff ranks, the push-and-pull factors too had evolved away from chess.

    In order to bring the popularity of chess as (internal/external) sponsors worthy activity, a lot more needed to be done. For a start, we need to bring chess back onto the fold of the masses.

    Yesterday, while passing through Alexandra Anchorpoint, I had chanced upon a pair of chess players on a 3 minutes + 2 sec added-on blitz at the TCC outlet. It was skillful show of time-controlled chess. It was a joy to watch and captivating too. A lot of these “impromptu and spontaneous Showtime” will do wonder for the local chess scene. In fact, if you can get 16 pairs of chess players playing blitz at all the 16 TCC outlets at the same agreed time across the Island, we have our local “chess-hour!” Sustain these activities long enough; these chess players will be able to gain the collective leverage to discuss sponsorship from any franchised outlets to have the weekly or monthly chess hours at their outlet!

    All dreams can become reality out of small steps. Gaining the leverage to speak to sponsors would be the first step.

    Wishing the QCD SG Chess League to start off with great success.