Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We've got a CM in Goh Zi Han for finishing 2nd in the U07 category, while Siddarth won the Blitz in the U09 Blitz tournament though he finished 7th in the standard.

A most commendable first time effort !

I reckon that both boys have never imagined that they will be leading the tournament up till Round 5! The pressure mounts after and it is certainly not easy to stay calm and alert in the last few rounds. Stamina and keeping oneself relax is paramount to make the final ascent to the Championship title. Most importantly, one should not worry too much about the placing then and mainly focus on the game in hand. Play your best. When the mind is distracted worrying about tournament standings, it cannot do its best. Physical fitness also plays a part toward the last rounds - it is like running a marathon ! When the body tires, it needs rest. A fresh mind can do more for the player than last minute preparation.

Lessons I hope the boys will take with them to the next international tournament.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Our 2 boys who are currently competing in the Asian Schools Chess Championship in Tehran, Iran are doing extremely well after 3 rounds. Zi Han at the U07 is on board 1 with 3/3 while Siddarth at the U09 is on board 2 with 3/3 as well. I am sure they are raising eyebrows now among the Indians, Iranians and the Mongolians :-)

Keep up the good work boys! We're proud of you!

Monday, July 4, 2016


Siglap South CC Chess Interest Group finally opens its session yesterday and already 19 have signed up! SCF gave 5 sets with compliments while the CCMC has ordered another 7 more.

Special thanks to Ms Caithlin for loan of her sets when there was overwhelming turnout. Most of the children here are mainly post beginners and are looking for over the board practice.

The group runs from 3 to 6pm every Sunday. We are looking for a core group of 4 to roster the opening of the Club. Interested? Please reply below in comments or Whatsapp me at 97985479.