Tuesday, March 29, 2016


There are several initiatives taken by the SCF lately to address the shortage of chess trainers in Singapore.

Firstly, the FIDE Trainer's Seminar on May 12-15 has attracted 25 participants.

The SCF Instructors' Course from 2-4 May aims to get locals who are chess-players to consider a career in teaching chess in schools at the Beginner's and Elementary Level. Hence you need not be a strong chess player to come for this course. However, basic knowledge of chess and the FIDE Laws of Chess is an important pre-requisite.

For those who want to attend the course but have little knowledge of chess, they can consider signing up for the condensed Beginner's Course for Adults in April.

We urge those who are considering a change from their current jobs, to join the current trainer's pool for a less hectic and enjoyable time.

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