Friday, March 18, 2016


Well, with the support of chess enthusiasts and rejuvenated ex players, the Singapore chess club scene is slowly but surely coming back. Witness the number of players at the last Spore Chess Meetup last Wednesday at the Asia Square mall! This is in comparison with the Rizal Park or Washington Square Park chess arena and the numbers are growing!

We also see interest among some women who came by to learn how to play. That's most encouraging.

Now with interest in starting weekend chess playing sessions in the East and also more CCs offering their venues for tournaments, we are seeing a renewed interest in playing chess (not checkers) on the island.

In time to come, we should have good numbers in the tournaments and perhaps gearing towards larger scale events like a World Championship to be held here?!

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  1. I dream there is somewhere for people to play everyday of the week - Brad