Monday, December 28, 2015


This is part of the market for chess trainers in Singapore for 2016. There should be more of such jobs.

All I can say is that the pie is growing and can only grow bigger if there are more trainers available. Some schools had shelved their Chess CCA due to lack of trainers, which is a real pity because I am sure that there are enough Singaporean chess players approaching their retirement with good speaking skills and just need a little training to teach chess to kids.

Join me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This year's National Championships from 20-27 December differs from the ones held before.

We see the return of some old faces with the rating cap of 2400 lifted. With the absence of (IM Goh Wei Ming who will be away at  in Hungary), IMs Hsu Li Yang and Terry Toh, we get the participation of:

GM Wong Meng Kong
IM   Ravindran Shammugam
IM   Enrique Paciencia
IM   Tin JingYao
FM  Mark Ong Chong Ghee (after a long break!)
CM  Tan Wei Liang
       Benjamin Foo
       William Woong
       Urcan Olimpiu

We hope that this event with a total prize fund of $5000 can attract and compensate the top players of Singapore for their time and effort in maintaining the chess prowess whilst pursuing a career outside of chess. I hope that the following players (whose names are mentioned below) do see the significance of contributing back to the Singapore Chess scene now that there is positive vibes and vigour with the launch of the Nationals.

Terry Chua
IM-elect Timothy Chan
FM Dominic Lo
Kelvin Wee
Andre Eng
Jarred Neubronner
Wee Zhen Yang
Teo Wei Xing
Lau Keng Boon
Mark Chan
Tan Tzer En
Howard Chiu
Wong Meng Leong
IM Jason Goh
Alphonsus Chia
NM Koh Kum Hong
IM Tan Lian Ann
Alvin Ong
Tan Chin Hoe
IM Leslie Leow
IM Lim Seng Hoo
Quek Suan Shiau
Quek Suan Fuan
Tan Chor Chuan
FM Goh Cheng Hong
Dennis Tan
Derrick Heng
FM Lim Hoon Cheng
Low Pe Yeow
Mark Tan Keng Yew
Lee Wang Sheng
Wong Foong Yin 

Should all of them (spanning 3 generations of national players) have participated, the Nationals will have been the strongest in Singapore chess history. 


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