Saturday, December 6, 2014


The following results of my students after 4 rounds of the 2014 National Age Group:

Zachary Leong                Boys  U8        2.5 pts
Cadence Loh                   Girls  U8        2.0 pts

Lee I-Shiang                   Boys U10       3.0 pts
Isaiah Ng                        Boys U10       2.5 pts
Malcolm Sow                 Boys U10       2.0 pts
Naython Tan                  Boys U10       2.0 pts
David Tan                      Boys U10       1.5 pts
Cheong Sue Lyn            Girls U10       3.0 pts
Shannon Ooi                  Girls U10       2.0 pts

Gavin Koh                     Boys U12       2.5 pts
Caleb Loh                      Boys U12       2.0 pts
Jonathan Tan                 Boys U12       1.5 pts

Bryan Sow                    Boys U14        3.5 pts
Natalie Tan                   Girls U14        0.0 pts

Results of course do not tell the whole story; there were instances where some finished their games way before the first hour was through, accepting draws when there was ample opportunities to try for a win. Caleb managed to upset Delroy Singh on Round 2:

Overall, many who scored more than 2 points were concentrating on their games but need to slow down , use their time to field their best reply.

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