Monday, December 29, 2014


This year passed really fast, with the pace of competitions increasingly punishing as well. With more on my plate, it is necessary to monitor all students closely and with 2015 looming, a heavier schedule means less time for personal recreation.

Those who have put in conscious effort had better results especially Sue Lyn, Malcolm, Gavin and Bryan. Gavin trained till May before he stopped for PSLE and resumed right after. Sue Lyn managed to overcome her 2 nemeses this year and I am very proud of her. We look forward to bigger successes next year at the coming AAG in June, by then she should be ready.

Those who did not do well in the National competitions this year ought to reflect on how they spent their time. I believe most of the students in this category did not take their lessons to heart and made effort to remember what was covered. Upon going through their games, many mistakes especially in counting and calculation were spotted. Opening variations were not well executed, often the critical moves in the variations were forgotten. These were attributed to either not having enough time or other preoccupations like computer games or TV.

In chess, success can only be expected after much disciplined and consistent practice and study. Even if it takes 30 minutes a day, regular chess work developed into a routine will ensure that knowledge will be assimilated through the playing of online games and dutifully following the thought process taught.

With 4 schools and 32 students in total, I am beginning to see the need to monitor the output of my students' homework even more closely. My leniency in not checking all their work has resulted in some slacking.

Less emphasis will be made in introducing newer material next year but more exercises will be planned. In addition, I will  make sure that they can record their moves with confidence and know their squares on the chessboard whether from White's or Black's perspective. This is the cornerstone of chess strength as it aids visualising of pieces on the squares.

Overall, I wish that more could have garnered better results at the NAG but then, what's past is past. We move on, know what needs to be done and improve.

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