Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I've made this 1 page image of the 2015 Local Chess Calendar which I think will be useful for players wanting to know what's happening for next year.

The information is current as at 11 October though there are notable missing events such as:

Public Service Star Games (normally in March)
Queenstown Age-Group (normally in April)
TCA Junior Chess Championships (held on Good Friday)
Queenstown Club Championship  (normally in June)
5th Patrick Tay Chess Challenge (normally on 2nd week July)
Queenstown Open Championship (normally end August)
Teck Ghee CSC Community Chess Championships (normally September)
Toa Payoh West Championship (normally in 1st week December)

Cairnhill CC is undergoing renovation and will not be hosting events till further notice from their convenors.

The Thomson Chess Fiesta is shifted to March 26 to make way for the Asian Schools' Championships, inevitably so due to the low participation rate from the adults.


  1. John,

    Thanks, for that 1 page of 2015 chess calendar.

    In June, Asian Schools Chess Championships 30May~8Jun and 16th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships 2015 8Jun~17Jun. Back to back, sure the players, kid, can take it???

  2. Hi parent,

    Why you so worry? Are you sure your kid can play in the 2 events? What will be the selection?

    Anyway in FIDE Web Calendar 2015 did not mention any of the events. So wait la...T