Monday, May 12, 2014


The annual Thomson Cup International comes back with a new format


It is Singapore's first tournament played under incremental time controls at CC level competition. We have decided to take this bold step to drop the 60min per side time control due to problems in FIDE rating compliance. Having the tournament in 25 mins with 5 second increments allows each round to complete within 80 minutes and gives the players 9 rounds of chess instead of the usual 7. This tournament shall be FIDE rated under Rapid Chess. As such, foreign players wishing to participate must obtain their valid FIDE-ID when submitting their entries or it shall be rejected and their entries refunded.

In addition, we have added a blitz tournament also based on incremental time control (ie 3 minutes with 2 second increments) to be played Sunday morning from 9am sharp.

This will be a treat for those wishing to try out the incremental time controls over the sudden death modes. However, I do advise you try it out online first at the chess servers to get  a feel for playing under time pressure as precision is required at every move. 1 wrong decision can see your win disappear when the opponent gains material and will have time to convert the advantage so long as he/she finds the moves.

There will also be the Challengers tournament played over the usual sudden death of 25 minutes per side. The Challengers and Blitz tournaments shall not be rated.

Entry forms can be downloaded here.

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