Monday, March 17, 2014


Reading this article will definitely save your children from zero-starting on March 21 and 22!

If you are coming via the PIE then TPE, exit at Loyang Ave and drive along till Pasir Ris Drive 3. Turn left into it and once past Downtown East on your right (about 1 km after turn from Loyang), you will see East Vale on your left and once past the river the Sports Hall is on the left turn into Pasir Ris Central.

Try NOT to alight your child at the Sports Hall Drop Off (see below). Imagine 975 students and estimated double the number of parents alighting from this driveway! Getting your child there will be a lot faster if you choose alternative drop offs.

One is at the side of East Vale and walk across the bridge to the Hall, Do not turn into Pasir Ris Central Rd for I am sure the  will be conjested on that day. The other is to alight at the Pasir Ris MRT station and walk across (about 5 minutes).

Another hassle free drop off is to turn left to Pasir Ris Drive 6 right after you past Downtown East. Keep right and  turn into block 407-408 which is the side where Hai Sing Catholic School is. There are lots of carparks there and once you are parked you can cross the Park Connector into the back of the Sports Centre.

Cross over to the Sports Hall
Block 408 end next to connector

Here is the view of the drop-off point. The stairs to the Sports Hall are on the right
of the picture below.

The Sports Hall can hold the 975 students but I think there are limited spaces for the parents.

The viewing gallery can at most sit about 150 to 180 people each side so many will have no alternative but to move.

Besides White Sands Shopping Centre (which should have the usual eateries), the Sports and Recreation Centre has got MacDonald's and Toastbox, while Downtown East is about 15 minutes walk away. There is an open air carpark opposite Downtown East which you can park for $4 for the whole day. Coupon parking applies at the carparks on Block 407-408. The Red lots there are available from 7am to 7pm. Alternatively you can try Downtown Park just after the Sports Hall on Pasir Ris Central but enter the carpark from Pasir Ris Drive 1 side and go towards Block 530D.

Hope this information helps you to get your children on time for the tournament!

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