Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dear players/parents,

2013 has passed. Many events have been organised. Rather than conduct a poll, I like to hear from you all what's good about chess events organised in 2013? What areas can be improved?

The floor is open. Though I allow anonymous comments, I will moderate as I see fit.


  1. Having my kids play both in SCF tournaments and non SCF events, as a parent, we see passion in the latter but grind of the mill in the former.
    Time for SCF to reflect for the long term good of this royal game - fit for gentlemen but run by lesser mortals.

  2. Fully concur with the posted comments. Pulled my son out of the so called national training squad of the SCF when I realised they were teaching very basic stuff and forcing all kids to learn same opening.
    My son is now placed with a private chess coach, and not only is this cheaper than SCF but boy boy now enjoys his chess games. He now keeps winning when playing with his class mates in the national training squad.

  3. John is a brave soul to step again where angels fear to thread.
    We have been "advised" that if any parent voice any dissatisfaction with SCF and it's fabulous president, our children may lose the national trainee status.

    So please allow me to comment anonymously.
    I feel the SCF is badly run and at the whisms and fancies of a bigot - this is only my opinion as certain things like all our children must play a certain opening, compulsory chess camp, buying of T shirts, parents paying higher than market rates for hotels as accompanying persons, etc etc are not well received yet many parents choose to kpkb among themselves only.

    Hopefully the situation will improve for the sake of our poor children, parents and even the working staff at SCF.

  4. How does remaining anonymous lend any credibility?

    It is easy to criticise - perhaps those who want change should voice out or try to join the SCF as a committee member.

    There are only a handful of people making comments here. Perhaps we should have representation in SCF? (we as in the online community)

    Regards - VI

  5. Neither does setting up a profile with no name - isn't that akin to anonymity??

  6. John,

    Opps! Good criticism!!!

    I know you but you do not know me!
    I forgot that I have not told you who I am despite visiting this site often.
    I see you in some tournaments but you are always busy while I am busy chaperoning my kid.

    I will approach you one of these days to introduce myself if I see you!

    BR - VI

    NB: It is difficult to get a picture of who says what when everyone is signed as anonymous - look at the first 3 comments here and elsewhere. Maybe even while remaining anonymous, visitor can at least sign off a comment with his/her name or pseudonym.