Thursday, January 23, 2014


Till date we have 82 registered players for the Championship, meaning as of 2014 January we have now 82 members of the Club. Welcome!

This Sunday's event starts 10am and we do not impose zero-start. However, we are also not encouraging players to go on byes as we do not award points for byes requested prior to the competition. If the pairing during the competition indicates a bye for the player owing to odd number of participants that is fair.

Parking is free on Sundays at the Shunfu Rd carpark for blocks 312-318.

Many asked about the prizes. For those who've participated before, we do not give trophies. I am only giving away used chess books as prizes for both sections. Hence, during prize giving, we will announce the Champion first who gets first pick of the books laid on the table. They are from my private collection and should be worth something.

Lastly, this tournament is not rated in any way.

See you all Sunday!


  1. Dear Mr John

    Good evening to you.
    My 3 kids are looking forward to playing in your tournament after their (and ours as parents) disappointment and sadness at being treated as poor second class chess students.

    Children love receiving trophies when they play well and have good results.

    Please reconsider and award trophies at this Sunday tournament.
    I am sure that CCs can have a budget for such prizes.

    Lower income chess parent

  2. Hi FK,

    Good morning. While I agree with this parent that trophies should be awarded, the time may be too tight to ask the CC for budget.

    Trophies can be made on the spot, one good shop is House of Champions see which makes beautiful crystal trophies.
    You may approach SCF and her president for sponsoring the trophies as they raised USD 100,000+ at the Kasparov dinner in Nov last year.

    That failing, try the VPs who are all chess players and chess lovers - in their personal capacity.

    See you on Sunday.

    Top seed

  3. Dear Mr John Wong,

    Thank you for a wonderful chess tournament.
    My son enjoyed it very much. He also learnt an important lesson when he lost to one of the senior player, who is a real gentleman teaching my son chess etiquette.
    This senior player even gave his prize (a very nice chess book) to my son.

    If only the SCF tournaments are run like this.

    Delighted chess mother

  4. Hi Mr John,

    Good morning. Our thanks to you and your team for a wonder chess Sunday. Your tournament attracted quite a few adults and senior players and is vastly different from SCF run of the mill, milk the kids type of events. At least chess parents are not called upon to make donation after donation where "nett proceeds" go to charity?

    Regarding the earlier chess parent who wrote about that very gentlemanly senior player who treated her son well, we heard that he was formerly a SCF president and is very well respected by many.

    Mr John - do you know him well? Can you ask him to be our shining white knight and come in to rescue SCF from its current deplorable state of affairs please?

    It seemed from news reports that the current SCF president is enriching either himself or his owned profit making chess business.

    God Bless you, Mr John.


  5. John,

    Not sure if it can be done: would it be possible for you to censor parts of a post?
    It is unsettling/uncomfortable to read comments on ANY topics always containing attacks on SCF and/or its president. I like to read posts in chess forums on pure chess matters as per topic title. It is fine for people voice their opinions on the current administration but shouldn't that be done under a relevant topic, say the "Your views again" topic.

    As it is, anyone can run a propaganda campaign and you may get into unneeded mess.

    BR - VI

    PS: I am in no way associated with SCF or its council members (caveat - I do not know who the latest members are - I will check). The only connection I have with SCF is that I am a member of SCF - a bit contradictory, but I guess you know what I mean.

    1. Blogger does not allow editing of comments.

      I often had to make the judgemental call whether to release the comment or not as I do understand the legal implications.

      However I believe it is important views should be expressed so long as they do not temper with insults or personal attacks but are on issues.

      It is the onus of the aggrieved party to have the right of reply and exercise their right. I will gladly publish it to maintain fairness.

      Having discussion on such topics will serve to remind the chess community that we all care about the health of the chess scene and want to make it better.

  6. can u send an invitation to me, i am the president of Sungai Siput Chess Club. we are registered with the Sports Ministry and i find your kind of approach to my clubs liking. pls email to me the next tournament details and i will try to send a team, thanks