Monday, January 27, 2014


On 25 Jan Kasparov was an invited guest to the TATA Steel GM tournament and held a press conference there. Here he discusses the "Contractgate" issue that was featured in the Sunday Times.

Viewers can fast forward to 20:02 for his take on the matter.

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  1. Kasparov has lowered himself through the 2 contracts with Leong. No matter how both sides dress it up, the fact of the case is apparently money being used for votes buying.

    Now that Kasparov has informed that his funds are political donation, will Leong be guilty of receiving political funds with regards to Singapore's laws?
    Will the 10+1 regional chess federations supporting Team Kasparov review this support as the realization that Leong and his for profit company has already garnered USD 500,000 with more to come?

    By association with Leong whom many regard as scheming, shameless, lying promise broker (Leong admits readily to making illegal move by writing about it), Kasparov has blundered thinking votes matter more than the baggage he carried by having Leong in his team.

    When one fights the devil, if in the process he turns into a monster, then which one is more evil?

    Astute Observer