Saturday, January 4, 2014


I am leading the organising committee for the Seniors and liaising with SCF via Mr Leonard Lau. We've looked at the possibility of forming the teams to play on July 20, which coincides with the International Chess Day.

Here we are searching for seniors 40 years and over to join the ranks in a friendly match against the current junior players up to 22 years ( to allow the NSmen and 1st year undergrads to play). The result is not really important but mainly the event focuses on bringing back some of our past top players in their younger years to return to chess-playing, after work and family commitments are attended to. Hopefully we may yet rejuvenate the interest of these seniors to form teams to take part in the Inter-Team competitions and help garner sponsorships to make it colourful and vibrant for the chess scene, which sadly is devoid of substantial participation from the seniors.

So here I'd like to name the possible candiates and if you're reading your name here,  do your bit to mark July 20 for this event.

Andre Maniam, Ian Wong,  Chua Teck Joo, Goh Han Choon, Loi Chee Seng, Soh Kok Hong, Ng Kim Hian, Ng Kim Ho, Tham Hung Wah, Low Eng Meng, Lim Chye Seng, Peh Tiong Ghee, Harvey Teo, Jean Lim, Sim Chong Boon, Thomas Hoe, Sng Tong Yew, Tan Sze Wah, Stuart Ong, Ernest Phang, Tan Poh Heng, Koh Kum Hong, Koh Lye Hock, Koh Kah Huat, Koh Nai Huat, J Nithiananthan, Lim Seng Hoo, William Wong, Chen Chih Min, Yeoh Khay Guan, Alvin Ong, Francis Guok, Lau Cher Loon, Sim Tiong Puay, Cornelius Chew, Benedict Keh, Edmund Leow, Wong Meng Kong, Wong Meng Leong, Ong Yew Chiang, Lim Hoon Cheng, Derrick Heng, Paul Thng Leong Keng, Mark Chan, Mark Khoo, Hsu Li Yang, Mark Ong Chong Ghee, Mark Tan Keng Yew, Prakash Pillai, Ang Choon Yong, Henry Lim, Yap Pao Meng, Randhir Bansal, Chew Shee Hoe, Tan Khow Siong, Tan Ban Seng, Fong Yeng Fatt, Mark Lim, Jeremy Lim, Low Pe Yeow, Francis Lim Tze-Wei, Chan Kuan Cheong, Tan Boon Kok, Warren Tan Poh Meng, Raymond Lin, Rin Nan Yong, Kan Lock Meng, Moh Hon Meng, Lin Nan, Mooi Kok Onn, Chua Choon Seng, Tan Chin Hoe, Warren Mark Liew, Ian Cheng, Lee Kang, Lee Song, Quek Suan Shiau, Ng Yew Song, Yip Peng Hon, Jimmy Ng, Leong Khai Pang, Ong Poh Tee, Terence Loke, Lim Wei Shen, Louis Lim, Leong Wai Yen, Benjamin Goh...

That's all the names I can think of for now. Sorry if the list is skewed towards RI but then, I know my players better. If I missed anyone, feel free to add yourself in under comments..will update the list next post.

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