Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As the year ends, it is time to do a post-mortem of the events gone by and my intending projects next year.

I say goodbye to some of my students this year having taught them for the last 2 years. It is never my intention to hang on to them once they've covered the syllabus that I've set out. The materials have been imparted and its up to them to make use of it. If they see value in it to help them play better, that's good but if not, that's ok too as I'm sure that they would have learnt other life-long values from their time with me.

2014 is probably going to be moving at jetspeed so I'd really have to prioritise my time. Much as I'd like to take more students, it becomes difficult with many schools going full-day and students only have the later afternoons and evenings on weekdays for lessons. Weekends are precious and I'm trying not encroach into them as they remain the quality time for parents to catch up with their kids.

So hence, we may need to resort to having more lessons on the Internet via Skype to reduce travelling time. I realised that some years ago but as technology matures, going on the Internet is not much different that having me by the student's side. I will probably spend more time doing school classes to help more students in the afternoons from 3 to 5 pm.

Guess I'd have to be more selective in the students that come on-board. Those whom I feel not taking the game seriously would have to be dropped in order to make way for those that showed promise. Those having disciplinary problems during lessons may not be considered. So targets will have to be set and monitored.

I would also like to prepare a book of my syllabus next year  which can be used to educate the students better in their board vision ( the singular thing that most kids need to improve before their chess does). This will need some time off my teaching schedule.

A busy but fulfilling year ahead.

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