Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Spend the last weekend with my students at the Serangoon Inter-Team tournament and we called ourselves the JW's Musketeers, in the company of teams like 152, ChessKids New Generation to form a total of 19 teams. It was time to play chess for fun and enjoyment rather than worry about the result. So much fun I was having when I realised I blundered a Queen against a very scared Royce Ho (whose brother Josh had lessons from me 2 years ago). I managed to compose myself and grinned throughout the game, laughing at my carelessness and trying to calm my team-mates that everything was under control. Soon the boy lost on time in whirlwind complications and I told myself its going to be a fun-filled day!

Saturday's 4 rounds earned me a perfect score, so I was looking forward to extending that when I met WIM Gong Qian Yun from 152. This was her first chess outing I think after a long time, so with perfect peace of mind I started:

Though I lost this game, I was very happy to have had the pleasure of playing all the attacking moves, perhaps re-inspired by the reading of the Tal book that I had just bought. When reviewing the game with the engines, they in general agreed with my assessment and  the best moves found matched mine as well. That in itself is satisfaction, never mind the result.

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