Sunday, June 23, 2013

SCF EXCO 2013-2015

At today's AGM held at the SIGC Conference Room, a total of 25 people attended with the agenda of electing the next Executive Council for 2013-15. In attendance were some trainers, players and Life Members notably NMs Koh Kum Hong and Mark Choong Liong Onn, as well as IM Chan Peng Kong, Xavier Chua and a few parents plus the outgoing EXCO.

At the stewardship of Treasurer Leonard Lau, the finances of the SCF improved with a healthy surplus. The auditor has commended the outgoing Committee for their efforts in turning round the SCF from its dubious position 2 years ago towards proper governance in managing its financial affairs.

At the end of the elections, which was mainly a slated affair with the team as listed below:

           President    :  Ignatius Leong
Vice - President    :  Leonard Lau
                                 Kenneth Tan
                                 Shashi Jayakumar

          Treasurer    :  Ang Hao Yao

 Council Members:  Luke Leong
                                Jason Goh
                                Tony Tan
                                Tan Lian Ann
                                Mark Choong Liong Onn
                                Fan Kow Hin    

General Secretary:  Dr Lee Chien Earn    

The current committee is a mix of young and experienced ex-EXCO office bearers. Kenneth was in the President's seat in the 2004-5 term which saw the SCF  engulfed in a law suit, while Lian Ann and Choong were active in previous EXCOs as President, Vice President and Treasurer. All 3 have business connections which may aid the SCF in its preparations for the hosting of the 2014 World Amateur Championships in Singapore in April 2014. My hope goes in that the EXCO will look into the issues I've raised in my earlier posts concerning the shortage of organising manpower, the erosion of interest in chess amongst the secondary schools.

I've asked what was the status of SCF's licencing scheme of players going forward. The returned President has stated that the scheme is undergoing so fine-tuning but will be implemented in due course. Although there were some concerns raised by a member about the lack of international GM tournaments similar to that of the Bangkok Open, it was generally a cordial meeting.

My congratulations to all elected members of the EXCO.

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