Friday, April 5, 2013


Think of it...just think of it.

We had Karpov and Kasparov in Singapore in 2010, its been 2 years since.

Would it not be nice to see Anand play Carlsen in Singapore?? It would still be cheaper to do this than the entire Olympiad, in my opinion.

I am sure Anand would not object as it beats playing in his hometown in Chennai where the pressure mounts up. I remember the last time he did well on World Championship matches was against Dreev in 1990. When it was held in Sanghi Nagar, he collapsed. So it would be better if Indian resources were to support the venue outside of India, if he wishes to have less pressure on him to win.

The Norwegian funds that backed Carlsen would of course prefer it to be in Europe, but Singapore being neutral territory (plus Carlsen has never been here) and being the new financial capital of Asia, it would seem possible to persuade Carlsen to play here. This would be a good angle to pitch the project to the Singapore Tourism Board, where the match would gain international spectacle and   acclaim it as the 2nd World Championship match held in South East Asia (after Baguio 1978). As we ascend toward the top 3 cities of influence in the world, after London and New York, it would be most appropriate to host the match here.

Well, the ball is in the hands of SCF and the authorities to make this happen. Or perhaps CES??...


  1. Has Viswanathan Anand played chess in Singapore before?

  2. He gave a simul in 1991 at Cairnhill CC.

  3. It is too late, India will host the match is all over the international chess media. They will surely allow watching the games live.

  4. Sorry, but the venue is not yet officially confirmed. Understand that the SCF President is in FIDE to discuss matters, so who knows?