Saturday, March 23, 2013


I post the results of my students at the recently completed National School's Individuals

Some have improved their placings, while others have slipped down owing to losing their last round games. I am pleased overall with their performance, especially first timers Jaryl Seah in the U11 and Tan Qi Xuan in the U10. Both have started less than 6 months with me and I see good potential if they work hard in their practices.

For those who finished 3.5 pts or less, it goes to show that success on the chessboard cannot come from just taking lessons alone. A lot of hard work must be put into constant practice, going through the notes and revising them. No teacher can play the games for you or help you during the games. You have to be accountable for your results.

I specially congratulate Royce, Hui Ling, Adrian for their fine finish amongst the top 5 and also Mitchell who came in 11th despite a strong field. Royce is the only student who took part in all 3 days of competition and did well to finish 12th in U11 and 23rd in the Open, in spite of his busy GEP schedule. So having a tight school schedule is no excuse for not doing well in chess tournaments, so long as you manage your time well and stop spending unnecessary time on computer games and TV. It really is a question of HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO WIN.

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  1. Did you also have a chess coach when you played competitively?