Monday, January 21, 2013


After no-shows and absentees, we settled to 81 participants. The hall was setup only on Sunday morning due to the IConnect evening at the CC on Saturday. So it was a blessing that we started at 10am.

Our CCMC Chairman, Mr Sng  Jin Poh and Treasurer Mr Tan Tiong How came by to visit and I amthankful for their support to chess for all these years.

We've attracted a lot of new players at the tournament (based on the number of illegal moves claimed by the players) and its a healthy sign that its popularity amongst the youth has not quite waned. Though the weather was downcast, the games played were quite the opposite - with lots of gusto, risk, hair-tearing agony and ecstacies. 

The senior section has a good mix of strong adults and a former junior champion with the top juniors like Tin YingJao, Ashvin Sivakumar to name a few. We did not give any cash or trophies, only books, which automatically meant that the mercenaries would stay away from this event and allow the chess die-hards to play.Players get to choose their books based on the order of merit, ie the Champion gets first pick followed by the 2nd and 3rd placing etc. I found this idea interesting (from my Norwegian experience). There will always be parents asking for trophies but then I wonder what would be the right thing to do for our budding players - bolster their egos further or to help them grow?

Thomson CC tries to provide the best possible playing conditions where most players do not cramp into their tables for their games. In addition we are also using the opportunity to broadcast our weekly club practices and the starting of our endgame and adults league commencing this Friday.

As for the results, click SENIORS and JUNIORS.

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