Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For students playing in the Queenstown Open,  please observe the following advice:

1  No more online games from now till Saturday

2  Revise all your opening notes. Bring them to the tournament.

3  Sleep early on Friday night.

4  You can skip Friday chess sessions at Thomson to rest


1   Starting time is 2pm. Have a good lunch. Avoid having rice for your meals, especially chicken rice. It will make you sleepy.

2   Once seated, concentrate on your own game. DO NOT LOOK WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING.

3   Try to get up from your chair once in 15-20 minutes only, not every move.

4   Record your games properly

5   Bring sandwiches on Saturday as you will need them before Round 3 starts at 630.

Take your time on the clock and use it wisely! PLAY FAST, LOSE FAST. Guess your opponent's move when he's thinking. Ask when he's thinking who is better , where can your pieces go? If he moves before you finish, remember to continue when its your turn. Only then starting thinking about your moves.

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