Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Again, your comments on this.

Should we as organisers organise more rapid events or perhaps we should organise more 1 hour events but limit that to no more than 7 a year (ie 14 weekends a year)?

Out of the 16 weekends, can an average family spend about 6-8 weekends to play 3 1 hr per side tournaments that will make 21 games a year?

Generally my feel is that with longer time controls, we can inject some seriousness in the play and that would make studying chess more relevant to improve upon our moves. Perhaps then, the Schools CCA Branch may take chess more seriously and add it into their Calendar of Events.

What say you, parents and enthusiasts??


  1. I agree that longer time controls improve the quality of play. In the old days (now this reveals my age), we had 1.5 hrs per player in school tournaments.

  2. Understandably so, as most middlegame and endgame plans need time for assessment and evaluation before they could be played out. This makes the game studiable (if there is such a word). With rapid chess today, the emphasis is skewed towards tactical play and endgame finesses are rarely appreciated. Even model King assaults are frowned upon as it is simply not plausible to calculate them to a finish anymore.

    Is it any wonder then that our schools are no longer taking chess seriously when school competitions end on a single day??