Saturday, July 7, 2012


There were skirmishes even at Day 1 of the competition at both sections.

IM Terry has not rusted 1 bit as he polished off his opponents with deep strategic plans. Belying that impassive innocent pose, his machinations brought down Nelson Mariano in devious Rook endgame to clinch the point on Round 3. Tan Weiliang survived a Rook and 3 passed pawns vs Jared Neubronner's Rook,Knight and passed RP forcing the Knight to give itself up for the passed pawns to draw. GM Sadorra scored with the Queen's Gambit Declined emerging 3 pawns up against his GM counterpart Eldar.

IM Terry at Round 2 playing against Limono Handjojo
Cyrus Low dropped his participation at the Patrick Tay tournament and was rewarded with a hard fought draw against GM Gasanov. I was impressed with his calm and collection execution, down to his confident draw offer which the GM accepted without attempting any tricks to swing the game.

The Gold Section at work
The lower boards at the Silver Section
 You can follow the results and round by round pairings at :

                              GOLD SECTION

                              SILVER SECTION

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