Sunday, June 10, 2012


This was taken after I had cleared my books off the shelves in preparation for their move. The aircon man is coming to lay down the piping.

The collection spans from my childhood days when I bought my first book in's about 400 plus books in there .. from world champion game collections, to middlegame books, lastly opening books. I had a few Russian and German books too from the days when I was in Europe. Now I am running out of room and will have to rely on ebooks. Now I give away those I hardly read in the annual Thomson Club Championships.


  1. ...all i see in this picture are manna from heaven!

  2. Nice Collection. guess we are now in the e-book era with hard disks

  3. Well, many of the books I own are out-of-print editions which are unattainable today. One of them is Study Chess with Tal which is a great book for delving into Tal's attacking play with good thought-provoking questions on how to approach planning for such attacks.

    The other favourite which is no longer available is Petrosian's collection of games from Pergamon Chess. Great compilation of games with in-depth analysis by the man himself on critical games.

    Ebooks are great to own but hard to study with.

  4. Put those ebooks on an iPad and they behave better than books!

  5. 1 book lost = 1 book lost

    1 iPad lost = all hopes lost

    iPad lost = Gila liao

  6. I love it! Great post.
    Great to see you again James, dk

  7. "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."