Wednesday, May 16, 2012


While I am indeed gladdened by the vigorous response over the saga of Mr Limono Handjojo, the number of anonymous comments that resulted were sadly made under the cover of anonymity.

I think it is only fair that one should stand by one own's opinion and be identified with it too. My blog is a platform for healthy exchange of ideas, not bickering. So once you know who you are, it becomes easy to note your views and difference of opinion. I do not expect everyone to be converted to the views of others, we can always agree to disagree.

Having been away for the last week in China with no access to my blog, I am currently reading the comments of all contributors and trying to keep thread of everyone's viewpoints. Hence allow me some time to moderate all your views.

Thanks for the lively exchange which saw 600+ hits. I am officially closing anonymous postings for this topic. If you wish to continue your discussion, register a Google account and you can stand up and be counted.

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