Saturday, April 7, 2012


I monitor my student's performances closely as a measure of my methods and approach to their game. This is the most tangible way of my own assessment as a trainer. Adjustments will have to be made should there be any signs of stagnation or even regression in a student's rating. Often that means either the student is unable to move higher due to tough opposition, or insufficient preparatory work is done before the tournament.

Most of my students earned their ratings by participating in the Thomson Chess Club Championship as well as the National Schools Individuals in March. The 3 top scores are Mitchell Han (up 168 pts), Royce Tan (up 159 points) ,Lee Zhong Yi (up 103 pts) and Nicholas Low (90 pts). Others did reasonably well to move up by 50 odd points or more, except some setbacks like Joshua Ong who did not do well at the National Individuals. Chia Dan Peng was below par at the Thomson Club Championships, but his recent showing at the TCA Chess Tournament (performance rating 1448) will most certainly regain some lost points

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