Monday, August 1, 2011


The list of prizes continues with Nicholas Low coming in  2nd at the Under 9. He was winning against Hui Ling on Round 6 but gave a stalemate. So he learnt his lesson of not playing fast after this game, because he could have been Champion with the win. Lessons are best learnt this way I feel, despite all the advice and reminders I gave, this fact would do much more in shaping his chess future. But receiving the trophy made him forget his brooding all too soon.

Kaarthik also won a Merit Prize at the Under9. This boy's achievement is due mainly to his diligence in playing many games online, which helped in improving his chess vision since I took over his training.

Shaw Fong (pictured below) missed out of the top 5 placings for the Under 10 section, coming in 7th on 5/7. He was always cheerful through the tournament and enjoyed his games. I believe this achievement will spur him to work harder for future successes.

Matthew Sim got a Merit Prize at the Under 10. Dan Peng's regular visits to Thomson on Fridays made him a mature player this time, getting him a Merit Prize in the Under 11 section. So was Hui Miin in the Girls Under 11.

The last recepient of the Merit Prize for Girls Under8 goes to Tricia Koh. She is now excited at the win of the prize and wants to do more in her chess. A little motivation does go a long way in spurring students forward, at the same time, losing badly due to poor or no preparation can wreck a young player's confidence. Hence selecting the right tournaments and good preparation makes all the difference between finishing at the podium or at the playground.


  1. Hi, I was searching for more info on the last chess tournament held at TP West CC on 31 July 2011 when I stumbled upon your blog. Its good to know that you had such passion for chess and your views of growth and maturity that chess can bring to a child.

    Keep up the good posts.

    Are the results of the tournament put up at any website like etc? Thanks.

  2. Hi vx,

    The pairings for the tournament were generated not using Swiss Manager so it will not be possible to load them onto I will try to get hold of a hard-copy and post them in my future post.