Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've gotten some feedback from Thomson CC, where the number of participants has reached 100 and some last-minute entries are expected today.

The staff were puzzled by some of the questions asked by the parents of participants, some of which I shall attempt to answer here.

A: Why is there no starting list for this competition?

     Well, first of all, this is not an event organised by the SCF. When entries are collected by the SCF, they will create the list of participants and update it whenever they can. Thomson CC is the organiser of the Thomson Cup Tournament and therefore the staff at the CC are not trained to create such a list. Moreover, we set the closing date to 2 June giving maximum flexibility to players with very busy schedules to make up their minds to play. Based on our experience, the vast majority of players send in their entries within 5 days of the closing date. So I am afraid it will not be practicable to provide a starting list, as even if we had done so, it will take some administrative effort to send it to the SCF to publish it on their website when they can.

B.  Why aren't there age-group categories?

This question I've answered in my earlier posts, but I repeat it here. Thomson Cup International is a tournament based on strength of the player, not age. Hence players are grouped by RATING rather than age-group. We want to dispel as much as possible that age plays a part in the strength of the player. To do well in a tournament, one should play well. Honestly, I do not see the rationale of awarding age-group prizes when there are no merits to their performance. Giving a prize to one who scores 3 pts simply because of small number of players in his/her age-group does not teach the child the right values in competition. One must win by his/her good performance. In any case, there are dozens of tournaments awarding age-group prizes so Thomson should cater to those who want to know how good, not how young, they are.

C.  Why must the tournament be held over 2 days?

This is mainly due to the time control of 1 hour per player. To play 4 games a day is indeed taxing and I do apologise to the players for the ordeal. Until we are able to secure the hall for 3 days instead of 2, we will certainly spread it over 3 days. But there will always be those who cannot spare 3 days to play a tournament, so where do we draw the line??

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