Saturday, April 23, 2011


TCA stands for Uncle Tay Cheong Ann, our oldest living chessplayer in Serangoon Gardens, is organised by the Serangoon Gardens Country Club in his honour. About 240 players competed in the Pre-School, Primary and Open Sections, with the bulk vying for trophies ranging from the Primary 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 categories.

L participated with his sister HL. Though he had no problems with those ranked 20th and below, the crux came in facing the tops Inexperience and knowledge took its toll and caused the 2 losses, leaving him with 5 pts but still he got 10th place in the P5-6 category and in the winner's circle. His 21st placing out of 182 players is most commendable.

Sister HL started well, finished 4/7 in 52nd place beating some boys along the way but the long day drained her of a good finish. Losing the last game caused her a place in the winner's circle but I'm extremely proud of her regardless. She's grown to accept losses and no longer breaks down each time a 0 is handed to her. That speaks of growth in her maturity and to me, it merits more than just a trophy. Both children played well and took their result in good stride, promising to do better at the next event. I'm sure that with better time management, they will be able to spend a little more time practicing ( L's in the gifted program which means time is really scarce).

The Serangoon Gardens Country Club staff and organisers should be applauded for their meticulous attention to detail in ensuring top playing conditions for the players and comfort for the parents and accompanying persons. Pairings are beamed in the holding area so players need not clambour to get their seats. Food was provided in ample quantities for the players and they even get ice-cream after the last round! A magic show entertained the young uns whilst results were tabulated. I could not stay on for the full results but I believe the SCF crew taking care of the pairings would upload the results in due time.

Kudos to Ansband, Catherine and all the F and B staff for making it a total success!

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