Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A pandemonium day at the 63rd National Schools Individuals at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (much akin to the scene similar to a disaster area minus the disaster). Let's look at the results rather than talk about what can be done better shall we?

Category      Name              Points     Position

GU9       Lee Hui Ling        5.0         3rd
GU11      Lau Hui Miin        5.0         5th
GU12      Kristine Quek       6.0         Playoff for 1st
BU09      Nicholas Low        4.5         22nd 
BU10      Hugo Tan            4.5         29th
BU11      Lee Shi Hao         5.0         12th
BU12      Adrian Yeo          5.5         7th
BU12      Samuel Yip          4.5         18th
BU13      Nicholas Teo        4.0         18th
BU14      Sitoh Yinghao Elliot4.0         13th
BU14      Oliver Cheok        4.0         14th
Open      Nicholas Lee        4.0         29th
Open      Asaph Ho            4.0         37th

The ones highlighted are in the medal list. Overall, a very good performance from most of my students. Well done! For those who did not score at least 4 points, the time will come so long as you bear in mind the lessons and apply them in your games. Consistently. Playing 1 game every day.

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