Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) has outlined its funding for 2011 yesterday and it seems that chess is once again out of the limelight, or I'd say, gone right into the shadows. $67m dispensed into the other sports, with dancesport,petanque and sepak takraw getting meagre mention but Chess?

So once again we in the chess-playing community have to fend for ourselves for another year of high entry fees, high participation fees in any SCF initiated projection (from Junior Squad to overseas competitions) as long as the snub from the authorities persist. Although the SCF acting Treasurer has replied to me that steps are taken to make SCF a charity (in line with SSC's guidelines to ensure good governance and accountability with raised funds), we have yet to hear of the SCF's initatives for presentation to SSC for multi-year funding., as well as the dialog with the MOE on the status of chess in schools. Should there be any SCF official reading this post, I'd appreciate some information.

I am just wondering for how long is this situation going to last  with no sponsors forthcoming. In view of rising living costs, paying more than $40 for tournament participation is going to pinch, even bruise.

Probably cheaper to enroll in a chess club where $40 gets you an annual membership or minimally 120 hours of over-the-board chess a year. Never mind the trophies...

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