Monday, February 21, 2011


I got to see my students for a brief moment between Rounds 4 to 5 yesterday at the Scouts Association. Though playing conditions were a little claustrophobic, the sequence of events was orderly. Most of the students fared reasonably well, some less so. O had 5.5 pts while Q had 5 points, which is very good in view of the field. The other unrated female student got 4/7 which is commendable given her usual timid self. SH lost to someone who later withdrew, thus affecting his tie-break of 4 pts which set him back. He lost the other to the tournament winner and drew 2 games against 1400+ players. So really, his performance is deemed more than satisfactory.

Of course there will be some who'd had a bad day, hence its best to let them reflect on their performance a little while first.Overall, only 1 of the 8 students scored less than 3.5 which is in a way a consolation. 

With more exposure in future tournaments, I expect to see their results improve, with a little more consistent practice online of course.

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