Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, that's the scene from yesterday's tournament at Thomson CC. Though entries were slow, eventually we've got 23 Junior Section entries and 18 Senior Section players which is not too bad. The tournament started promptly with no zero start rule imposed, which was a relief to many. 10am would be a good time to get things going, as the majority were able to get to the venue on-time. Lunch in the form of coupons for consuming at the Target Cafe (food is good there), plus10 prizes each section. The top 5 get trophies and a book from my collection.

The results for the top 10 finishers are:

1  Jarred Neubronner    6.0 pts   Nathan Mar      7.0 pts
2  Jimmy Ng             5.5 pts   Adrian Yeo      6.0 pts
3  Hu Yang              5.0 pts   Heng Zheng Kai  5.0 pts
4  Tan Poh Heng         4.5 pts   Lee Shi Hao     5.0 pts
5  Melvin Ang           4.5 pts   Heng Si Kai     4.5 pts
6  Gabriel Pang         4.0 pts   Nicholas Low    4.5 pts
7  Limono Handjojo      3.5 pts   Puah Yi Hao     4.0 pts
8  Francis Guok         3.5 pts   Samuel Yip      4.0 pts
9  Xavier Chua          3.5 pts   Mitchell Han    4.0 pts
10 Neilson Lee          3.5 pts   Issac Tay       4.0 pts

For the full results, here

We thank all participants for taking part and my special thanks to Kenny, Chris, Brandon plus the staff at Thomson CC, lastly Thomson CCMC without which this tournament would not have been possible. So sorry for taking up the Sunday PickleBall space !

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