Monday, January 31, 2011


Thought I'd just highlight the importance of technical knowledge in chess training, as expounded by GM Grivas in his training lecture to his German students reported here.

Of the 6 segments he mentioned in his course agenda for the day, 1/6 is devoted to psychological factors about understanding yourself, your diet and how it affects your well-being in playing. The other 5/6 is strictly devoted to learning the game.First on this list - Building a Repertoire; Chess Literature. I  I am sure that the FIDE Senior Trainer takes this seriously to put it on top of the list of topics

Openings today determine the course of the game and working with chess literature towards improving our understanding of the game cannot be over-emphasised enough. I had a strong hunch he will dwell on this subject on personal characteristics and how they affect the choice of an opening, working with the classic games to understand the development of a particular opening etc.  We can only await the next part of the training to be posted on ChessBase.

For the benefit of readers who are also following FGM, I have highlighted the above message to him to make him see the light of how technical knowledge critical to a master-hopeful. His response?

He deleted my comment.

So much for being open, so much for being objective. I guess you've read enough of the other blogs to know who's the bigot here



  1. Looks like he's expanding his hostility to international waters, starting with across the Causeway.

  2. I suggest we stop reading his blog.