Monday, January 24, 2011


Here's a nice photo from the old boys gathering for the Kasparov dinner held last year

There were others who did not join in the photo,  however, our turnout was still much better than the ACS side (ha ha!)  

Perhaps its time to rekindle the "friendly" rivalry between the 2 chess school super-powers? Maybe a 30 board annual face-off?! ORA - ACS OBA Challenge ?? Itching for some action :-)

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  1. John, thanks for posting this photo. Brings back nice memories of my fun-filled, chess-playing days!

    It's been a long while, but I believe I still recognize Hoon Cheng and Derrick, though struggling with the rest of your names. I'm able to recognize you and Francis, of course.

    Too bad I didn't take part in the Kasparov event last year. Hope to see you guys soon!

    Tau Kwang