Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Where does one get to play a human opponent face to face Friday ?

Fret not, Thomson CC Chess Club opens its doors on the 3rd floor activity room next to the elevator. The Chess Club starts 7.30pm and ends 10.00pm. Members are advised to sms 97985479 to check if the club is open for that day as we depend on volunteers to open the premises each week.

Chess sets are available, players with chess clocks are advised to bring one.

Address : 194 Upper Thomson Road (Opp Long House Eating House)


Ah, what a day it was for Thomson Chess Club. The arrival of the chess King with his old friend Zurab Azmaiparasvilli and others receiving him.

The crowd at Thomson CC listening to his every word 

As Kasparov gathered momentum by explaining how chess beauty cannot be created by oneself alone, he gave equal credit to his opponent GM Topalov for taking up the challenge by producing the diagram below:


Yes, that brilliant move Rd7! which refutes Topalov's notion that Black is winning ...in 1 move!

It was enough to entrall the audience of the greatness of chess beauty coupled with brilliant intuition on the part of the 13th World Champion, who confessed that he was acting on a hunch when he first sacrificed a rook, then two to reach the above position.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Controversy ??

This is the followup article following Aug 14's report from the Straits Times (see earlier post). For the interesting exchanges between the SCF and the Straits Times reporter, you may visit the SCF Website. Note the SCF's reply to the reporter's Question 4 where he asks about the President intention to relinquish his post and reasons for  doing so or not.

Different views about Kasparov's visit

   For the benefit of our foreign readers who may not be aware of the happenings leading to the Kasparov visit, this may be worthwhile reading. Readers, I would like to hear your views.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The 13th World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, will be in Singapore on 15th August 2010 (Sunday) to play in exhibition blitz chess matches against two of Singapore’s top chess players, battle against thirty local chess players of different age groups in simultaneous chess matches, autograph his chess books for fans and deliver a motivational talk on “How Life Imitates Chess”. The one-day event is jointly organized by Conrad Centennial Singapore, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Thomson Community Club and the "Chess is for Everybody in Singapore" movement

Singapore chess players, fans and parents will be extremely delighted as this is the first ever visit by a living chess legend, Garry Kasparov, to Singapore. This event follows soon after the successful hosting of the 12th World Chess Champion Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov’s visit to Singapore on 17 July 2010. Grandmaster Garry Kasparov was the youngest player to have won the title of world chess champion from 1985 to 2000, having wrested the title from his predecessor, Anatoly Karpov, in a titanic battle in 1985 after the first match in 1984 was controversially ended by FIDE, the world chess federation.

Kasparov’s visit coincides with Singapore’s hosting of the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) from 14 to 26 August 2010. While chess is not represented in the YOG, nevertheless Kasparov’s visit serves to promote chess and put Singapore on the world chess map. It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 social and active chess players in Singapore. This event is also supported by Hyflux, Quantum Law Corporation and Sea Blue.

The itinerary of events on 15 Aug 2010 is as follows:

No chess fan should pass this up in Singapore, short of compassionate grounds of course. Watch out for the local news tomorrow!

About “Chess is for Everybody in Singapore” (CES)
The “Chess is for Everybody in Singapore” movement was started by a group of passionate chess players, supporters and parents. It believes that chess playing keeps the mind alert and chess is beneficial to the young, adult and veteran players alike. As chess develops logical thinking, creativity and discipline of mind and character, it is of great help to people of all ages. There is also a strong correlation between chess playing ability and scholastic achievements