Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015


The 2nd Thomson Chess Fiesta concluded yesterday, smoothly run thanks to the tireless team of 6 that saw to rapid situational changes (including changing 30 clocks on the spot due to an error in settings). Other than that, most players had relatively good conditions of play, though parents had to scramble for chairs they could find to get seated in the hall. 

All Prize Winners 

The top 3 prize winners in the Cup Rapid were dominated by the foreign players, top place was Nelson Villanueva with 7.5 pts, followed by Steward Manaog  and Franco Demiar on 7. Our local juniors Tan Jun Hao and Lee Shi Hao followed on 6.5 pts. Gavin scored best performance for U14 with 6pts finishing 9th, Thomson Chess Club regular Leong Sher Han scored 4 pts to end 37th out of 64 registered players.  Full results here

The Thomson Challengers had an outstanding result : Under 10 player Zachary Leong finished ahead of 2 adults to emerge clear 8 pts as Champion! Bradley from VS scored 6 pts but finished just outside the prize list of 15. Challengers results posted here.

Ryan managed 4.5 pts 36th out of 82 registered players. Though a reasonable result, I felt he had grown as a player and now puts in greater effort in each of his games, feeling tired towards the end of the tournament. A sign of better things to come.

Other students who did not fare well were either out of touch ( this is their first tournament just after the exams) or they did not apply what was taught. Parents should have their kids then to reflect on what happened and let the children express their views on what they should do to do better next time round. This should be done before they take part in the next tournament or else the same outcome will repeat itself. 

All in all, everyone had a good time at the tournament and I certainly hope more juniors will consider playing in the Cup Rapid next year to lift their FIDE ratings. And parents stop asking about age-group prizes, because young children should be taught the right values of hard work and sacrifice to achieve :-)

My heartfelt thanks to the Thomson CCMC and to Mr Yap Pao Ming for his sponsorship, all of which helped to make this tournament a success.

Thursday, October 1, 2015



No, this is not a scene in Europe or the US..

It's right here in Singapore!  That's right. And you thought chess is only played by kids here :-)

Well, the adult scene is thankfully kept alive thanks to the efforts of Bradley Loh, a FIDE-rated enthusiast who sets up the boards and tables for the regular meetup group to play at the Asia Square Tower 1 foyer from 6.30pm till 9.30pm Wednesdays. As I had no teaching to do, I thought I'd pop by to check out the action.

There were about 18 or so players who milled in and out of the event, many of whom I do not recognise. However once seated, the action was fast and furious. The lighting was good though I'd wish the PSI was lower than the 100+ then. I introduced myself to Bradley and being every good organiser he whisked me to an opponent to blitz in less than 30 seconds. It was a good mix of locals and foreigners playing blitz, skittles and there was a puzzle set up and the winner gets a mini-bottle of red wine. I soon met up with R my ex-student and he got the right answer but graciously shared the bottle.

One encouraging sign was that there was a lady who came and played till it was time to close. No clocks. But the moves were good. Others were more into blitz and 10 minutes. Well, to each his own.

Looks like a good hangout for those who haven't played for ages to come on down and pick on players your own size.

If you need information on this meetup, please click here.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Many readers having read my post on the SCF Elections were confused as to the hat I am wearing whilst writing that post.

I must apologise for the confusion that followed, as it was impulsive of me not to consider my change of status writing that post the day following the elections.

Let me state henceworth that ALL of my posts are of my personal views alone and do not represent that of the organisation I serve.

Thank you for your attention.

Monday, September 7, 2015


The Johore and Penang Opens have published their prospectus as both tournaments run back to back, with the Penang starting from 7 to 12 Dec  followed by the Johore Open from 14 to 19 Dec. A good 2 weeks of serious chessplaying awaits those who yearn for long drawn battles where stamina and nerves outplay impulse and speed.

The PENANG OPEN prospectus

The JOHORE OPEN prospectus

Serious standard chess players should make their trip bookings early as these tournaments are very well attended and often the hotel rooms are quickly full. Based on experience, Penang's public transport is not as convenient so if you are staying some distance away from the Red Rock it may be some hassle getting to the playing venue on time. The venue however, is simply wonderful!

This is what it looks like at last year's Johore Open at the 36th floor of the City Square Tower. I am sure it will even be better furnished. Thanks to the organisers for the photos!

The Penang Chess Association has organised a charter bus to take players from the Penang Open after its last round on 13th Dec 9pm arriving at Johore Bahru 8pm 14 Dec, ahead of  time for registration and checkin at 2 before 1st round starts at 3.30pm.

Have a chess-filled December this year!

Friday, August 21, 2015


My FI card arrived yesterday !